Nail art sticker - Xmas Tree & Flower!

Made more stickers!

Golden Xmas trees on green and pink base! FESTIVE!

Cute yellow flowers on a pink & orange stripe base! :)

Nail art sticker - Snowman

Made snowman stickers!

Paint a base: I used glitter on a navy base!

Apply the dried sticker and do a top coat! :)

The Little Prince

Tribute to my favorite story!

"But the eyes are blind. One must look with the heart.."



You can now PRE-ORDER your nail art! Email to to order your Christmas nail art stickers (only Xmas tree & Snowman available), I'll paint them & mail it to your door step!

They are for $8 mailed (you can choose your own colors!) or you can come over for a full nail art (other designs available) at $20! Bring a friend & you both enjoy 20% off each!

Have a great day people! :)

Snowman & Christmas tree nail art stickers drawn by missgoob!

Peel off the sheet & apply on nails!

Don't forget the attractive Christmas Promo! :D