How to make your own nail art stickers

Received many questions so this is a repost on how I make my nail art stickers.

1. Get a thin plastic sheet (ziploc, old pocket files, transparency, plastic bag etc). Make sure the material is not stretchy.

2. Paint your design on the sheet. Do about 2 to 3 coats (or more if your polish is thin) so that when it dries, it is easier to peel off.

3. Your design should not have too many thin strokes (like legs or stems) as they would break easily when you peel the stickers off the sheet. Try painting round stuff for a start! You can use a dotting tool or a fine pointed tip to create your design.

4. Leave your nail art to dry overnight. They must be COMPLETELY dry for easy peeling. You have to be patient about this!

5. When the designs are fully dry, they become like nail art stickers. Slowly bend the plastic sheet and they should come off very easily. Do not scratch the sticker off with your nails as your might spoil them!

6. Paint your color base ( pink, blue, purple etc) and wait a few seconds. While it is partially dry but still sticky, apply the sticker on your nail and lightly press the edges down.

7. The final step is to add in any other details (hands, legs, stems etc) and apply a layer of top coat over your nail!

I want to emphasize that you need to be creative and careful as this take a bit of skill and patience. You will get better with practice!

Good luck! :)

The following designs were created with my own nail art stickers!